Last night I had the privilege of witnessing a miracle in motion. There are surely many ways to define what a miracle is, but to me it's no less than God moving against what we would consider natural and rational, bending the rules so to speak. And why shouldn't He since He made the rules to begin with?

A gentleman at my church, a man of only 44 years, collapsed at his childrens' baseball game with what appears to be a massive heart attack. Those who reached him first found a man whose life was drained from his body, unresponsive, pulseless, not breathing. But not hopeless.

There were medical personnel at that ball field, at least 3 nurses as a matter of fact. CPR was started almost instantly and out of nowhere an AED defibrillator device was produced. When the paramedics arrived his airway was already secured and they proceeded to give him the necessary medications and electrical shocks to his heart that eventually kick-started it back to beating on its own.

I used to work at a paramedic, responding to those same life and death calls. And I can testify firsthand that men and women rarely recover from these situations. As good as CPR and defibrillation can be, many people just don't revive from these incidents. Yet I know one who did. Against the odds, by the time this man was transferred from the local hospital to a larger, specialized hospital, his heart was beating at a relatively normal rhythm, his blood pressure was within standard limits, and his oxygen levels were better than mine. This, my friends, is a miracle.

But let me share with you another miracle that happened last night. As word quickly spread of this man's situation, people began to gather and pray. Some rushed to the hospital as I did to comfort and pray with the family while others stopped where they were and cried out to God from their cars and living rooms. By the time the hospital transfer was complete the waiting room was so filled with members of the body of Christ that you would have thought someone was about to pass out free hams. And the prayers did not stop - they continued throughout the night.

I describe this as a miracle because for reasons that we may never fully understand, the God of the universe called people to Him into a radical relationship that is both intimate and real. Jesus Christ offered Himself up for mankind to seal that relationship and then He rose from the grave to ensure that this relationship would last forever. And now as I was gathered with dozens and dozens of other believers, conversation was occurring between us and God and God was listening. There may have been some doubters in that room last night but they had no way of voicing their dissent. God was simply overshadowing the place.

God moves us and in us, but He is also moved when His people pray. What to us seems to be beyond incredible is to Him just a drop in the bucket that He created. We don't need miracles to believe in the power of God, yet when they do occur by His hand it strengthens us all the more and gives us hope that otherwise we might not have. Continue to pray for Wayne Macemore that this miracle would continue to sustain him.


Anonymous said...

Update #4 on Wayne:


Another good day of progress for Wayne. His body temp is regulating on it's on and vital signs are still good. Now off the paralytic drug he is understandably pretty aggrevated with all of this hardware attached and inserted into mouth and nose. They are in a slow process of turning things back over to his body functions and is still on the ventilator. He is sedated heavily to keep him from being too uncomfortable but that is being reduced slowly too. Teena did hear earlier this evening that his body was taking (2) breaths on it's own for every (12) by the ventilator. He opened his eyes around 3pm for the first time today (yeahhh!!!). His nurse (Landi) came and got Teena out of the shower to come see him. By the time Teena dripped down the hallway, they were shut. Teena verbally accused Wayne of "looking at his nurse and not her" and he proceeded to open his eyes again (smart man). Obviously this did wonders for Teena. He would open his eyes for no one else but Vann Harrell later in the evening (will someone fill me in on that???). He was resting pretty deeply tonight and will continue going through this slow awakening process over night. Teena was able to speak to a doctor this morning and the doctor was cautiously optimistic about Wayne's recovery. There won't be an answer to his neurological state until he wakes up and isn't so sedated (I assume tomorrow). It is very promising with him making it to this point and with the activity they see in him. Some testing has been performed, more diagnostic stuff will take place later this week. Hopefully by the end of the week they will know why this happened and what should be done to correct or address it. Once again, I thank God for Wayne making it this far thank you for all of your prayers and concerns.

Tim W. said...

5/19(1pm)--Just got back from the hospital and Teena was back with Wayne so I spoke to his mom and brother in-law(Tim). Wayne is completely breathing on his own. He is still intubated but the machine is not breathing for him at all. He is opening his eyes and he knows Teena. He is also looking around the room. He is still sedated due to he tries to pull the tubes attached to him out(This is normal). Please continue your Prayers

Bobbie said...

Sending prayers to Wayne and his family

Bobbie said...

Sending prayers to Wayne and his family.

Anonymous said...


Wayne remained sedated today until around 8pm tonight. The effort to get him awake and calm so he can get off of the ventilator continues. His color still looks very good. As we get further into the week, additional testing will take place to determine what happened and what treatment will be necessary. Teena and family continue to have a lot of support, but we all know they miss their father and husband. Please be in prayer for them, as well as, for Wayne to handle this breathing tube without the sedation and to become more alert tomorrow. Pray for the doctors who are attending to him to have the wisdom to deal with Wayne’s issues. It would do wonders for Teena and everyone to get passed this step.

Bradley Cranfil had a request for a nightly united prayer (amongst all of your other prayers throughout the day), starting this Wednesday night (5/20/2009). He has asked that each night at 7:18pm (the time of the 911 call for Wayne) we join together, wherever we are, and pray for God’s healing hand to touch Wayne’s body.

If you are all like me, this has placed you in some deep thought and consideration as to your priorities in life and, at the least, harshly reminded us that there is no guarantee of tomorrow. If you know Wayne, you know from how he has impacted your life that he works very hard to keep his priorities straight – Christ, spouse, family/friends, work and ministry. I believe God has more planned for Wayne and also believe something like this happening to a man like this is meant to impact many. I can only hope that you will each prayerfully consider what God is laying on your heart during this time and be reminded that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Update # 8 Wayne Macemore


The morning is starting well!!! Wayne is still off of the sedation and has become very alert. The doctors were very pleased to see it and called off a scheduled consult with a neurologist. He responded well to their commands – “squint your eyes”, “stick your tongue out”, “squeeze my hand” and answered questions with a nod of his head. He also showed a lot of emotion when Teena told him how worried the boys were about him (obvious emotional crying). I am so thankful for answered prayers and God’s hand. He had spiked a fever yesterday (very normal) that is gone now. He has picked up a case of pneumonia (also normal) that the Dr’s are treating very aggressively. They will move him to a vibrating bed later this afternoon that will “exercise his lungs” and help in recovering from it. He is cooperating better but still is very uncomfortable with tubes down his throat and having to deal with occasional gagging. He is breathing on his own, but will not get rid of the ventilator until over the pneumonia. The latest thoughts (not diagnosed yet) are that it possibly could have been a viral infection that attacked his heart and most likely was not a blockage. Testing later in the week will bring some clarity to the whole picture. Thank you for your continued prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

Update #9 Wayne Wacemore


Just a quick update this afternoon. I saw Wayne a few hours ago and could not believe the difference in him from just last night. I watched him answer questions with nods yes and no, saw tears and emotional crying as he is realizing what has happened, still a sense of humor and a small grin, he looked me in the eye and knew who I was, he passed gas (it’s good to know everything is working), he reached his hand out to our Pastor (Kenny Gooden) when he came by his bed, he puckered up to kiss his Mother as she came in and is now patiently dealing with the tube down his throat. A few days ago, I must admit, all of those things seemed insignificant in the busyness of life and are easily taken for granted. Today, I have cherished every second of them. Thank you again for all of your prayers…

Anonymous said...

May God continue to bless your family. We pray for continued progress and recovery! Hope to see you back on the field soon!

Darian said...

Wayne,Everyone is praying for you and I know after seeing a miracle happen before my eyes that God is with you.I truly believe that everything happens for a reason,This has made me reflect on my own life and relationship with God and how I have taken so much for granted I will cherish every moment that I have with my family,And to appreciate the friends that I have,Words can't express how your friends and the church has been there for you and your family. This whole event has not been in vain,It has brought me closer to Jesus Christ.I too can't wait to see you back out on the field with all the dobbers!!!! We love you!! And your team loves you!You have been such a wonderful role model for our children.I can still see you kneeling down to pray with the team before we started the game saturday.

Anonymous said...

Wayne "the train" and family know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!
Coach Norman

Anonymous said...

UPDATE #10 Wayne Macemore


We left Wayne sleeping tonight, sedated (for comfort) with the painful breathing tube still in until he gets pass the pneumonia. It does not take away from the wonderful discovery of a good mental state this morning. Teena met with an additional doctor on the team today that specializes in “weak” hearts. His first priority is to get rid of the pneumonia and then move on to additional testing that might indicate why this happened. He indicated that they do not know at this point what the root cause is and admitted there is a possibility of not knowing for sure. Some testing from Sunday does indicate a weak heart (that is a very relative term – don’t read too much into that until more is known), testing done today showed improvement. He also told her that Wayne would leave with a pacemaker and defibulator. After some lows, it was nice to have a high today and celebrate. Just know that Wayne has more to face in recovery and they will have to take it one day at a time. Please continue to pray for him and for those of you that remembered and organized prayer at 7:18 tonight, Bradley and I appreciate it. Please continue…

Tracy said...


We miss your joking around and smiling face. Wayne, we can't wait to see you up and at em' again. Cole is really wanting to see you and make sure that your ok.
It sounds like you are making progress everyday. What a testimony you will have to share, and what an eye opener this has been to so many people. I believe in my heart that things happen for a reason. I think God planted those folks that helped you right where they needed to be. Continue to make progress and get better, so we can all see you again real soon. We are praying for you and Enon Baptist church is too. We have lifted your name to co-workers, neighbors, and about anybody we come in contact with, rather they know you or not to pray for you. May God bless you, Teena and the boys.
We love you,
Tracy and Cole Matthews

Donna S said...

I am at the hospital with Tenna now (10:25) and the nurse just called her and Wayne's mama back. They said they "might" take the ventilator out. Tenna got a good nights sleep last night and she is in good spirits after a good day yesterday.
She encourages everyone to sign this webpage, she enjoys reading it and gets encouragment from it.
Wayne, I am praying for you and your family!!

Anonymous said...

The Maplewood Family Practice Lab/X-ray girls are praying for Wayne, Teena and family. Teena, if you need anything let us know. We love you girlie!!!

April said...

I know that all of the DirtDobbers or "girls" miss you! All of the parents miss you also! You have been so great to all the team and I know everyone can not wait to see you again. Like Tracy said, thinks happen for a reason and this MIRACLE that happened to you is something that you will be able to share with a lot of people. I know that it has changed a lot of lives, including mine. Teena, Austin, Braden & Kolby thanks for sharing Wayne at all of the ballgames and practice's he attends. I know that all the dobbers look up to him. You are in our prayers and if you need anything just call!

I also want to say thanks to all of the people at the ball field that day and all of there hard work!

Anonymous said...

Teena - We just wanted to let you know that we have been praying for Wayne since we heard the boys in our prayers, and you are on our prayer list at Shady Grove. As soon as we heard on Saturday night, we started our prayer chain. Teena, you have always been our "junior miss" and we love you very much. God isn't through with Wayne yet. What a testimony this has already been and will be in the future. God bless you.

This blog is a great asset in allowing everyone to keep up with the daily progress of Wayne. Thank you to Sterling Griggs for starting it.

Love, Monna & Ronnie Hudspeth

Monna Hudspeth said...

Don't know what happened with previous post. The words got rearranged when I published it. I hope you understood that not only are we praying for Wayne, but also for you and the boys.

Monna & Ronnie

carol reavis said...

hey Teena, so glad i got to talk to you and wayne both at relay for life. all of you have been in my prayers and thoughts throughout the day, love carol reavis

Lessie said...

Teena, J.B. & I have been praying for Wayne since we first got the news from the prayer chain for Salem Fork Baptist Church.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Wayne and the boys. We love you.

Anonymous said...

I was blessed to be one of the responders to the ball field Saturday night. I usually don't follow-up on patients, but this time it's different. I think about Wayne and his family everyday and am amazed at this miracle. Sterling, thank you for providing this blog so we can stay updated. Wayne, Teena, and family, we are praying for you every day. God's hand is evident in this situation; it's clear that Someone besides us was working Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE #13 Wayne Macemore
5/22/2009 12:00am

What a day – Teena, his mother Wanda and others got to talk to Wayne and hear him talk back today. All tubes out now, including his feeding tube and the gag reflex is much better. He has a strong cough helping remove this pneumonia phlem from his body and only has (2) nasal prongs for a small amount of O2. He has bitten his tongue at some point in time and it looks pretty bad and Teena noticed a couple of chipped bottom teeth. He is off the major sedatives, as of 8am and was given an Adivant to help him relax and rest tonight. He ate a popsicle and drank some Pepsi (that he requested). As far as what is on his mind, he does not remember what happened. Teena has told him about the game and that he collapsed and received CPR. That has not sunk in yet with him. It is said that patients coming off trauma and treatments that he has had usually see the sexual side of them return (I am not kidding – ask Robin C.). I am here to say that Wayne is following the normal path of this kind of patient. Conversations usually had a few very funny, slightly perverted comments (sorry Wanda). As you can imagine, Wayne has cracked several jokes today and I am sure those around welcomed them. He mentioned “they were giving him one night free there” and would be available for golf tomorrow. A highlight of the night was to see Wayne and Austin together and Wayne recognize Austin right away. Austin (Big “A” as Wayne called him) laughed at his jokes and got a lot out seeing his Dad communicating. Wayne’s voice is a little lower than normal and speech is slightly slurred (about a 6 beer slur – basing that on others, never seen Wayne under the influence). When you get past the voice and slight slur, there were many sharp witted and detailed comments that tell me his mind has done really well through this. Teena looked great and was really glad to have her first cousin Tammi working in the CCU unit tonight (thanks Tammi – you did a great job with Wayne!!!). All in all, he was more comfortable, happy & joking with a little dose of sadness/tears when he reflected on what was going on. We left the last time when it was time for him to “take a dump” and was looking to get up and walk to a bathroom. Tammi got the bed pan – I’ll assume everything went well.

One last funny comment – Dr. Toehan came in today and Teena introduced him to Wayne. Wayne’s response “Well hello Dr. Toefoot”…

Anonymous said...

Wayne,Teena,and boys..we are so happy to hear of the progress today!! God truly answers our prayers! Hope to see youvery soon!We are continuing to pray for all of you.Oh, thanks for letting us borrow Colby the other night.

Love you guys!
Christy, Jeremy, & boys

Anonymous said...

Teena,Wayne, and family,
We are so happy to hear that Wayne is improving. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers every second of the day. Yesterday when I turned on my cell phone-there was a picture of Wayne...being Wayne with Hanna's sunglasses on...she had taken it at one of Austin's and Zack's soccer games...she remembered it being on my phone and she said we would keep it there until he gets better. We will continue to praise God for this miracle and pray for Wayne's complete recovery. I can't wait to hear his testimony- I believe he has a new career ahead of him! We love you all.
God Bless,
JessieAnne, Steve,Zack and Hanna

Natalie said...

Praise God!! I am so thankful for the MIRACLE God has worked through Wayne. "God is good, God is great..." - isn't this one of the first prayers we learn as a child? All of those children (ball players & fans @ YCP)and my children have seen and are starting to understand true Miracles because God is good and God is great! We read the Bible and teach our babies about God and His mercy...teach them about the power of prayer but through "Wayne's Story - his miracle" our babies (and all of us) have witnessed the power of God - the power of humbling yourself and asking God for His mercy. Thank you Lord!

Wayne, we are so happy you are joking and asking for Pepsi! Lucas & Lance cannot wait to see "Wilma"!! Our family, friends, co-workers and pretty much anyone we talk to (my hair dresser, the grocery bagger...) knows your story & are praying for you! We love you & will continue to keep you in our prayers.

Teena and boys, we love all of you! We have kept you all in our prayes too!!

Rob, thank you for the updates - it is so appreciated, more than you know.

~Natalie & Jeff Kennedy
Tiffany, Lucas & Lance

Anonymous said...

Teena, Wayne & Boys

We have been thinking about you guys and doing alot of praying and it is obvious that alot of prayers have been lifted up and are truly being answered. I hope Wayne continues to make more progress each day. What a miracle!! God Bless You All!! We Love Ya'll!!

Michael, Charlene & Kids

Anonymous said...

I did my heart good to read about the great progress. Obviously, an answered prayer!!! Wayne, Teena, and boys- you have been faithfully in our prayers and we will continue to pray for you! Kristy, Bryan, and Mason M.

Anonymous said...

We are all excited to hear of the progress of Wayne! We cannot wait to see hime back at school!
Boonville School Family

Anonymous said...

Wayne and family, I am thinking and praying for you. And, so is the family. I am relieved that you are doing better. I know you will continue to do so.

--Jonathan Sizemore

Anonymous said...

Hello Teena and Boys! I'm technically challenged, and I just figured this thing out! Kellie walked me through it. Anyway, you're in my prayers, every morning and night, and whenever I think of you through the day. There is a sore throat virus thing in my house, but I'll be back to see you when we're in the clear. I don't want to risk setting back recovery. The Renegar House loves you all!!! Lora

Anonymous said...


It was great to see you at the doctor's office on Friday. And of course, we discussed the upcoming baseball tournament... Relay for Life..... What a difference a week makes. Wayne, you and the boys, have been in our prayers daily, and will continue to be for a long time to come. We get daily updates through Angie, who works at Baptist, and Denver, who hears news through Austin. You and your family are living a true miracle in action again. May God continue to comfort you all. And we all look forward to seeing Wayne back in action and hearing his story in the way only Wayne can tell it.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands" (Psalm 19:1).

Rick and Jeanie Houston
Jesse and Adam

Anonymous said...

UPDATE #14 Wayne Macemore


I spoke to Twinkle (Teena’s sister around 10:30am). Wayne is a little sharper this morning but has not been able to sleep over night. The hospital is not allowing any visitation with him today, other than immediate family, in hopes of him resting. The nurses have also convinced Teena to go home and take some time for herself, she has not left the hospital since she got there Saturday night. She is planning on surprising Colby and attending his DARE graduation at school today. She will not be at the hospital until later tonight. She has been overwhelmed with the support everyone has given her and could not have made it through this difficult time without the love she has felt for her family. She won’t admit it, but is also tired and not sleeping much. Her family has asked that when we visit, try to keep it brief and have been overwhelmed and thankful for the support that she and Wayne have received. As usual, thanks for your prayers and support and I hope you (as Wayne would say) – have a blessed day…

The Ashleys said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Wayne is a very strong person and i know with the help of all the prayers he will continue to progress!

Brandon,Summer,Eden,and Blake

Samantha said...

Wayne (Wayner),
I came by to see you again today and you were resting (couldn't believe that they wouldn't let your girlfriend in to see ya). I just wanted to see for myself that you are okay but I will return! I was able to spend some time with your mom which was great and we just talked about how many friends you have and how many lives you have touched....you will never know how much you and your family have meant to me and the girls. Whitney and Danielle have asked alot about you and can't wait to see you. We will never know how many lives have been touched by this MIRACLE.

Teena, Austin, Braedan, and Colby....
I love you all and want you to know that I have been praying to heal Wayne and to give you all the strength to endure this so that you and your husband/father can be back together again. You are a very close knit and strong Christian family that other's do see.

We can count on Christ's presence not only every day, but every moment of every day.

I will be with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:20

Anonymous said...

God is good all the time; all the time God is good!
What GREAT news (going to the bathroom on your own is a really big deal, I hear). I must tell you how impressed I am with Tenna and Wayne’s church family. I know a lot of us are, I know I am. I don’t understand how anyone could go through something like this without Christian family and friends by their sides. Union Grove Baptist has really been there.
Not only that, everywhere I go someone tells me his or her church is praying for Wayne. It is the power of prayer that has pulled Wayne through.
The real MIRACLE though began, on the ball field, when God put the right people in the right place (Praise God to you!).
Teena and Wayne, it is wonderful how strong your faith is. You are an inspiration to all of us.
I am so glad to see the old Wayne is on his way back (if he has sex on his mind, he should be starting his way to recovery).
We are prayer for you and the family!!
Donna & Jake

Anonymous said...

UPDATE #15 Wayne Macemore
5/22/2009 6:30pm

I spoke to Twinkle again. Wayne was up sitting in a chair today and ate some green beans, cream potatoes and some fruit. She said he would slide down in the chair after a while but did have the strength to push himself back up with his legs. He still does not understand what happened to him but seems to be getting less loopy as time goes on. They will try to keep him up a little longer and help him get his days and nights straightened back out. Cardiac Cath test will be done after the holiday. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend…

Anonymous said...

Wayne and Family,

I am happy to follow your progress through this time of recovery. We have been praying that God will heal and strenghten you through your tremendous faith in the Lord.

Looking back on the day of the event, all participants were wrapped up in their own little world going through the daily motions as we all do. When the situation happened everyone started to pray for your recovery as well as for God to put his hands on you and give you another opportunity.

God provided the necessary elements to give you as well as people attending to you the opportunity for recovery. God has a plan for you and your family.

The situation also has made all the participants reflect on their lives seeing that "Life is a precious thing." Enjoy the moment that you have.

Our prayers will continue for your strength and successful recovery. We also pray your family will strengthen through this process. We also pray for your testimony to touch the hearts of those around you that it may give them an opportunity to come to know the Lord. Prayer is a wonderful thing.
God promised us that he will never leave us nor forsake us. Keep sharing your testimony with everyone.

You will always be in our thoughts and prayers!

We also look forward to see you on the field again as well!

Golden Eagles Baseball

Anonymous said...

I am a parent of a ball player that was playing in the tournament last Saturday. I would like to thank Sterling for setting this blog up for everyone to keep up with Wayne's progress. I read this several times a day and keep my children updated on how is doing. It is by God's grace that Wayne's MIRACLE of life happened. I believe that God placed certain individual's at the field to take care of Wayne.

This has impacted so many people. I immeadiately came home and emailed our Pastor and asked him to lift Wayne up. I asked all of my Facebook friends to pray for him. At that time I didn't even know his name, all I was able to call him was Coach. I have updating his progress on my Facebook and I am sure it has touched some that might not be believers...My own children stopped at the field while Wayne was being helped to lift him up and ask God to help him.

Wayne, you have so many people that are praying for you. Teena, I listened to you at the field and my heart broke. I have never felt so helpless. I want you to know I as a wife am praying for you. I know God will give you the strength to be strong for your family.

God has blessed and touched many people with Wayne's story. God is good all the time...

Many blessings.

Anonymous said...

Hello Wayne and Teena,

We were out of town last weekend when we got a call from Robin Labine telling us what had happened on the ball field. Mark and I immediately said a "special prayer" for you. God is GREAT!!! We are amazed at the progress you have made in a week. Wow!!! Reading all of the wonderful messages on this blog (and knowing you like we do)....we are sure you are getting a big head!!!!! But...you are very deserving of all of them. Teena, our hearts go out to you. We pray for you daily also...that God will give you the strength to keep encouraging Wayne and to be a constant reminder that he DOES have a wonderful family to live for!!!! We will continue to lift your family up in our prayers and we love you. Wayne....KEEP FIGHTING!!!

Mark, Tammy, and
Chandler Chappell

Anonymous said...

Wayne, Tenna & boys,
We are so happy to know that things are looking up for Wayne. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. God is so good!
Stonie & Linda Holcomb

Anonymous said...

We wanted to let you and your family know that you are in our thoughts. Trina put us on the list for email updates daily when Foy kept calling to check on you. We are so glad to hear that everything is looking better for you and hope and pray that you will be okay. We know how important your family is to you and obviously you to them. From reading some of these comments it looks like you have a wonderful and loving community and church family. It is amazing how communities big or small pull together when someone is in need. Continue to be strong while the doctors are trying to figure out what exactly happened, keep your faith strong too. God answers prayers!!!

We love you and hope to see you back calling on your customers again soon!

Foy & Monica Patton
Harpo's Hardwar & Bldg. Supply, Inc., Rural Retreat, VA

Anonymous said...

5/25/2009 11:11am
The news of recovery continues to be great. Roger (the brother in law that helped Wayne get his underwear on yesterday) said Wayne had rested last night. He continues to eat real food (as real as hospital food gets), is more calm this morning and fine motor skills are continuing to improve. The best news is Braedon and Colby got to see Wayne last night. They could only stand at the door of his room, but I am sure it did wonders for the whole family. He should be up walking again this morning and spend time sitting up in his chair. There were concerns about Wayne’s oxygen saturation levels the last couple of days, the measured number had been varying/dropping randomly. It turns out there was an issue with the machine and his levels are very good. After he had gone for his walk yesterday, he was hooked back up and O2 levels were still at 100% without any oxygen assist while walking. Everything continues to look good. Tomorrow the doctors will do the cardiac cath test, which can be risky. Please continue in prayer for Wayne and his family…

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it takes things like this to spure on keeping in better touch, but Teena/Wayne, I wanted you guys to know that I have been keeping tabs and spreading the word. Amazing how many folks care about you guys. Thoughts and prayers directed your way!

Bruce & Family

gbs lumber said...

We all wanted to let you know that your in our thoughts and prayers. It just doesn't seem the same not seeing your smiling face here at GBS Lumber. God still has alot of miracles to perform,,we're so thankful that he had one with your name on it. We will continue praying for you and your family.We hope to see you again very soon.

Rusty said...

Wayne and Teena & boys,
It has been great to hear from family and friends each day better and better news about you. It is good to know that God does hear His people's prayers. No doubt that you were lifted up many times over and there are now two 'miracle boys' in your family!

God bless you all,
Rusty, Donna & Victoria

Anonymous said...

UPDATE #20 Wayne Macemore
5/27/2009 - 6:30pm

Wayne is now in a regular room. The cardiac MRI was inconclusive. The doctors have eliminated everything else and are now assuming a virus attacked his heart. The good news is that his heart can overcome some or all it’s current weakness in time. He will be on a strict diet during recovery and in the future (but shouldn’t we all be???) – maximum of 2400 mg of sodium, long list of what not to eat and drink, maximum of 48 ounces of liquid a day, etc. This is all in an effort to avoid fluid build up around his heart during his recovery. He was able to take a shower today, supervised by his nurse (bless her heart for the commentary she probably had to listen to and for the fact the shower felt so good he was in there for 30 minutes). He will undergo a procedure to implant a defibrillator tomorrow around 10am. They have some way of “stopping his heart and testing the device”, I will leave that one alone technically. Since he has done so well with the mental and physical assessments (I know you may be surprised about the mental results – I heard it was not that difficult) he will not need any occupational or physical therapy. With a good day tomorrow, he could be going home Friday night or Saturday morning. Please pray that all continues to go well and that this family can be reunited as soon as possible…

Anonymous said...

Quick note – Did hear tonight, Wayne cannot receive flowers. Realizing that the medical bills will be coming, there is an effort to set up an account of some type for those that might feel led to give to be able to do so. More details later…

Samantha said...

To The Macemore's:
WOW! It sounds like Wayne may be coming home soon. God is so good!!! We are continuing to keep all of you in our prayers. We will never be able to thank God enough for this MIRACLE.
John & Samantha
Whitney and Danielle

Anonymous said...

UPDATE #21 Wayne Macemore

Wayne now has a defibrillator installed and working. The doctors were pleased with the procedure. He is in recovery now and will be back in his room late this afternoon. Doctors have told him to rest and have no visitors tonight. Another hurdle crossed for the Macemore family…

Anonymous said...

UPDATE #22 Wayne Macemore

No additional update on Wayne this evening, other than a hope and prayer that he is sleeping soundly. I did mention earlier that he could not receive flowers in his room and, alternatively, an account was being set up to assist the family with the inevitable medical bills from his stay. The account is now set up with BB&T as the Union Grove Baptist Church Wayne Macemore Fund. For those of us feeling led to give, checks can be made out to “UGBC Wayne Macemore Fund” and mailed to:

Union Grove Baptist Church
2401 Nebo Road
Yadkinville, NC 27055-7348

Please continue to be in prayer for Wayne and family. I hope you all have a great Friday and weekend…

Anonymous said...

UPDATE #23 Wayne Macemore

I hope everyone has had a great week. The miracle of this whole ordeal continued yesterday, when Wayne came home from the hospital yesterday, very weak but Wayne. His boys were surprised when they came home from school and I am betting that it was the best night sleep any of the Macemores have had in the last two weeks. We saw Wayne briefly yesterday evening post fresh haircut and time spent in his favorite bathtub. Considering what he has gone through, I thought he looked great. Just getting around walking short distances takes a lot of effort right now, but I am sure he will make daily progress. I feel a tremendous amount of relief with him and Teena at home with their boys, but it was obvious that this was just the beginning of recovery, a new set of emotions and a lifestyle change (as a heart patient) that they will have to get through one day at a time. Please continue your prayers for the family and for the strengthening of Wayne’s body and heart and especially thank God for his precious grace on Wayne and our lives to still have him with his family and friends…

Anonymous said...

UPDQATE #24 Wayne Macemeore

Wayne is continuing to do well. He has lost a lot of strength from being idle for (2) weeks and the trauma his whole body saw. His routine now is sticking to a required low sodium diet and is severely limited on fluids (max 48 ounces per day). He is out walking several times a day (around the circle drive is a challenge right now and I know that is hard to believe with a guy in the shape Wayne has always been in). He is sleeping better each night and has kept a positive outlook. Yesterday, he did go for a short physical therapy session that went very well. I want to try and clear something up I have had questions on about his diagnosis and recovery outlook. Wayne’s heart had no signs of coronary artery disease or blockages that, if found, could have meant permanent damage to the heart. Instead his heart was found to be weakened by, most likely, a virus. His heart is currently enlarged because it had been working extra hard, in it’s weakened state, for some time before his cardiac arrest. The brightest part of the diagnosis is that the heart was not damaged and a recovery of up to 100% is possible. Doctors are saying that a recovery could take up to 6 months; he will just have to take it day by day. I have also had requests for the Macemore’s address, here it is:

3532 Country Club Road
Yadkinville, NC 27055

Have a great day…

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