Turning 39

Yesterday I turned 39. I didn't blog about it then because then that would have been a shameless plug from me that I wanted you to notice that it was my birthday and therefore you would have felt obligated to officially recognize me in some capacity. It's not that I'm all that selfless, it's just that I didn't want to emulate those who always make it a point for you to know that it's their birthday.

Besides, when you get into your 30's birthdays just aren't all that exciting anymore. Let me say for the record that I had an awesome birthday celebration with just my wife, one of the funnest evenings we've had in a long, long time. But now that I am 364 days away from the dreaded 40, I am in no hurry to celebrate the next May 2.

So now that my life is probably more than halfway over, how am I doing so far? Looking back, I can see how God used a lot of challenging circumstances (and a beautiful wife) to chisel away the rough edges of my life. I also am somewhat remorseful for most of the decade of my 20's, seeing as how I was most aimless and confused during that time. It wasn't until I met Kellie when I was 27 that life for me began to get back on target.

What I wish to do from here on out is live this life with no further regrets. I know that I will make mistakes and I will find myself apologizing for them a myriad of times, but my desire is to see my life steamroll in the direction of the passion and vision that God has given to me. I love to teach and I long to engage people in purposeful discussions about faith and life. No matter where God takes me next, I want to look back one day and be satisfied that I did my utmost for His highest.

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Neil said...

Nice post Sterling... and happy belated birthday!

Ya know... my hope is that somehow I will be able to instill in my boys the importance of finding direction in their 20's. I too regret all the time wasted, the time without school, the time without having the obedience to take on the career choice I wanted to make years ago. I hate to think of how much farther down the road I'd be today.

Nice post and nice thoughts... you're not alone. I guess the bright side is that it's never too late to change Lord willing.

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