My constant

The television show Lost was one of my favorite shows of all time. Thanks to Netflix, I can relive every episode from every season as often as I want and this time around my oldest daughter is watching it with me.

We are in the midst of Season Four (there are six seasons in all) and it can be just as confusing to fully understand what is going on in the plot now as it was when the series first aired. In the episode that we watched last night, one of my favorite characters, Desmond Hume, is experiencing a bizarre occurrence of what can only be described as time traveler's amnesia. An even more bizarre behaving physicist is able to diagnose Desmond's dilemma and tells him that in order to survive the constant ping-ponging back and forth between time dimensions he must discover something or someone in both dimensions that is familiar. In other words, Desmond must seek to find his constant.

What is it that grounds you in the reality of today and gives you hope for tomorrow? The writer of Hebrews so eloquently reminds us that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." We find our constant in Jesus.

As the episode of Lost came to a conclusion, Desmond is able to make contact with his constant, his long lost soulmate Penny. As a result, everything that was spiraling out of control was thrust back into order. While Lost was not a show that was created with specific theological implications in mind, this episode does bring an essential element in life to the forefront. None of us can survive completely on our own. We all need a constant.

No matter how greatly we change or how radically our circumstances may shift, Jesus remains constant and true. No person on earth or circumstance we can manufacture could provide the stability or hope that Jesus does. Jesus is our only constant.

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