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Sunglasses have become an essential part of my life, not because I want to look cool but because my eyes are so stinkin' sensitive to the sun and sunshine is so critical to my well-being and happiness.  I have never personally invested in an expensive pair of sunglasses (i.e., Oakley's or Ray Ban's) because I could never justify having an expensive pair of sunglasses that I would either lose or break in a short amount of time.

Earlier this year a friend gave me a really nice pair of sunglasses as a gift (in the $100) range and, for the very first time, I grasped what having a nice pair of sunglasses was all about.  The clarity of vision that they gave to me was astounding and the fit was great.  No cheap wiggle and loose screws for this guy.  I'm going big time!

As I packed up and headed to the beach a couple of months later I knew that I needed to take really good care of my new sunglasses, for the ocean had claimed more than her fair share of my loot over the years.  So I headed down to the local beach bargain store and purchased one of those cheap sunglasses straps that would ensure that my glasses stayed attached to my head should a rogue wave come and take me out.  Body boarding and swimming in the water were no match for my strap and my awesome glasses remained securely affixed to my head.  That is until I decided to body surf that one time...

The wave was small and non-menacing.  After being in the water for some time, I was ready to head to the beach and so I thought to myself, "Why not ride one in naturally?  These waves are small and my awesome strap will keep my glasses where they need to be."  As I aligned myself to ride this wave into shore I was not ready for what happened next.  In a cruel twist of events, this wave washed over my head and in an matter of microseconds my glasses were whisked off of my head into the murky depths of the sea.  A frantic search yielded nothing.  The ocean had won again.

Crushed by my misfortune, I plodded back onto land and sat under my beach umbrella brooding over my circumstances.  And then I knew there was only one decision to make.  It was time to head back to that cheesy beach store and buy a cheap pair of sunglasses that would last me the rest of the week.  

The next day a married couple who are dear friends came to visit us at our beach rental and I couldn't help but admire my buddy's sunglasses.  I told him my story about my sunglasses and then I inquired about the ones he was wearing.  He told me that he got them from Fortress Eyewear and that they only cost him about twenty-five bucks.  As I inspected the glasses I noticed that Psalm 18:2 was etched on one of the stems: 
The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
My friend explained that Fortress Eyewear was company that existed to provide not only amazing sunglasses at a reasonable price but they also were in it to spread the mission of the gospel.  I checked out their website and found not only an awesome selection of mens' Kreed  and womens' Crush sunglasses at an amazing price (most in the range of $18-$40) but a mission statement that read:
Our real purpose in life is not sunglasses and goggles, but to spread the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ. This is the campaign that is written on our hearts. Eyewear is just a means to provide a living on earth, and a vehicle in which to share this mystery of love, hope, and faith.
 Dude.  Not only did I order a pair for me but I also picked up a pair for my wife as well.  I honestly cannot tell the difference between my Fortress Kreed sunglasses and the more expensive pair that I lost in the ocean.  The quality is excellent and the price is nice on the wallet.

I value those who are all about putting out a high quality product with the consumer in mind, and that is exactly what Fortress Eyewear is all about.  But more than that, they are using their product as a vehicle for the gospel.  When I wear my sunglasses I am reminded of this mission that is mine as well.  Check out their website and invest in a pair or two.  They might just be the best sunglasses you've ever owned.

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