If you have ever watched a sporting event that relies on quick reflexes, such as football or baseball, then you understand just how important a matter of seconds can be.  The quarterback who holds on to the ball for a second to long without throwing it down field will most likely find himself at the bottom of a pile of big sweaty men.  The batter at the plate has only a fraction of a second to determine whether or not he will swing at a baseball that is just being released from the hand of the pitcher.  In either instance there is no real room for hesitation.

So how does a quarterback or batter know how long is too long to wait?  Practice, discipline, and experience.  If an athlete has not conditioned his mind to be prepared to handle split second decisions, then he or she won't last very long in the lineup or on the field.  Basically, an elite athlete knows what he or she needs to do before they actually have to do it. 

The Bible is not a book about sports or athletes who excel at their craft, but it does provide a great amount of wisdom and counsel for those who desire to follow after God without hesitation.  In the book of Genesis in chapter 19, we find a righteous man named Lot who is living amongst a group of wicked people in the city of Sodom.  Because of the great sin of the people in this city, God has determined to destroy it while at the same time sparing Lot and his family.  Two angels come into the town and announce this judgment to Lot, who in turn must flee the city or be caught in the destruction himself. 

Yet there is something within Lot that causes him to delay his flight.  Perhaps it is because only his wife and two daughters are willing to leave with him and his heart is burdened for those who are left behind.  Regardless of his reasons, Lot hesitated (Genesis 19:16).  Yet the Lord was gracious to him.
Because of the Lord's compassion for him, the men (the two angels) grabbed his hand, his wife's hand, and the hands of his two daughters. And they brought him out and left him outside the city.
Even though Lot hesitated, he could not delay the will of the Lord.  And the Lord in turn, in His great compassion and grace, pulled Lot to where He needed him to be to not only spare him but also to point him in the right direction.

God has a habit of doing this.  Even when you sense His call and direction for your life, you can still hesitate, fighting with doubt as to whether the path He has charted for you is the right one.  What may seem obvious to others becomes cloudy to you.  Hesitation is not necessarily a sign of disobedience but can actually be just a lack of spiritual discernment.  This is when God extends His hand to you and gently (or firmly, depending on how stubborn you are!) nudges you in His direction, allowing you to fully trust in His plan and His purpose.  And in doing so, God will always bring you out of harm and into His glorious will.

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