We often say "Enough!" when we've had too much. But we can't say that about Jesus.

My son "graduates" from preschool tonight. He's pretty stoked about the whole thing and it's a huge deal to him. There will be a formal ceremony with caps and gowns and he even has a speaking part in the program, which consists of him quoting John 15:17:
                                                 Jesus said love one another.
He has been practicing this part diligently at home, but I've noticed as he recites it something peculiar yet profound happens to the words. More often than not my son says, "God said love one another." And on numerous occasions as I talk to him about Jesus, my son has asserted that Jesus is God. To him, this is not confusion but fact. His little mind processes things at such a different and more simple level than mine, yet he believes with all his heart that Jesus is God. And he is right.

The Bible paints for us a beautiful picture of the life and redemptive work of Jesus. From His humble birth heralded by a host of angels to the miracles that He performed and the truth that He taught all the way up to the empty tomb and His promised return, even the most hardened reader of Scripture can see that Jesus is not just some ordinary guy. He is God, who stepped out of heaven while clothing Himself in human flesh so that He could rescue a fallen world with a sacrifice that still boggles the mind.

Because Jesus is God, He possesses all of the attributes of God. He is the Creator (Colossians 1:16), sustainer (Acts 17:28), redeemer (Ephesians 1:7), and forgiver of sins (Mark 2:10), just to name a few. And as God, there are more truths that we can say about Jesus than can possibly be written on paper. But I would like to list just this one...

Jesus is enough.

I heard it said before that, when it comes to salvation, it is not a matter of "Jesus and..." Jesus is enough. You add nothing to your eternal security because He is the only One you need. If you have ever sat down to a meal and eaten yourself sick, you understand what it means to push yourself away from the table because you have had your fill. But his isn't the case with Jesus. It can't be. You can never have "too much" of Him because the portion He gives is always enough. You can't have more of Jesus than you have right now. He has given Himself to you in His fullness (Colossians 1:19) and so you will never be lacking.

John 14:16 makes this so clear when Jesus claims that He is "the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the father but by me." This is not some audacious claim of exclusivity that makes coming into the kingdom of God akin to a country club membership. Rather, these are words of compassion uttered by God Himself to a lost and broken world that say, "Stop searching for truth and meaning and hope in the things of the world. They can't be found there. Look to me, Jesus, and I will lead you home. I will take you to the Father. I am the only one that can show you the way."

And because Jesus is enough we are satisfied. So not only is Jesus enough, He is also our satisfaction. But that's a post for another time. Marinate today in the truth that Jesus is indeed enough.

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