Doubly Broken

This past Sunday I joined with others in singing the words to "Sweetly Broken" in worship. The words of the chorus are beautiful and powerful:
At the cross You, beckon me,
Draw me gently, to my knees and I am,
Lost for words, so lost in love I'm,
Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered!
As I sang these words and considered their meaning, my heart just about burst within me. How marvelous is the grace of God! How incredible that He would save one so undeserving as me!

I was so struck by the cross and the redemption that it bought me when it suddenly hit me how selfish sometimes my worship has become. Yes, I am broken for my own sin but how often am I moved in the same way for others?

The gospel is for you, for me, for everyone. As we are broken over our sin and humbled by our redemption, may we also be broken for those who have not yet tasted and seen the beauty of Christ.

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