Immediately always means right now, not later

Earlier today I texted someone and within seconds I received a text in response. While trolling Facebook, a message popped up saying that someone had made a comment on a picture that I had just posted. Immediately I responded to their comment and within seconds it appeared on my page. If I ask my kids if they want ice cream, the words are barely out of my mouth before they scream "Yes!" and come running into the kitchen. I don't know that I've ever delayed all that long in filling back up whenever the gas light comes on in my car.


I've noticed that many people have a love affair with their snooze button on their alarm clocks. When I ask my kids to clean up their rooms or to pick up their things, they move at the speed of molasses running uphill. My car really needs to be washed, but I'm pretty sure I can put it of for another week or month or two. With months in advance to file, it never ceases to amaze me how many people barely meet the deadline for filing their taxes in April.

There are some things in life that we jump on pretty quick while at other times we seem to delay until the last possible second. It's kind of funny how we respond that way.

So, how do we respond to Jesus?

In Mark 1:16-20 we see the story of Jesus calling His first few disciples. He begins with Simon and his brother Andrew, a couple of local fishermen. The Bible tells us that Jesus looked at them and said, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men," and that their response was as follows:
Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.
Next, Jesus encounters James and his brother John, both of whom also happened to be fishermen. He called them to follow Him too and we see that they left their father in the boat with the hired men and followed Jesus right then and there.

No delays. No "Wait until I can get my stuff together" kind of excuses. No hesitation.

When it came down to the choice of whether to follow Jesus or not, these men did not waffle or delay. They followed. Immediately. 

How do you respond to Jesus? Do you run after Him as if He is your greatest desire or do you perceive Him more as a chore that eventually you'll get around to? If we believe what the Bible tells us, then the pattern for our devotion to Jesus has already been set. It's not a "I'll follow when I am good and ready" but rather it's "I will drop everything so that I can walk with you Jesus." There really is no other acceptable alternative.

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