Dont' be that angry guy. Nobody likes him.

There are lots of people who get really angry about politics. Whether it's yelling at each other across the room or mixing it up on social media, people can get pretty bent out of shape over their political views. Maybe it's because they see so many politicians hashing it out on TV commercials and debates, but then again those guys are pretty much just grandstanding to win your vote. What I've found is that those who get most angry about politics tend to be those who understand politics the least.

There are lots of people who get really angry about sports. Every year at least one fan dies as a result of a fight the weekend of the Alabama/Auburn football game. Fans are assaulted on a regular basis at pro sporting events and the level of animosity isn't any better on the college level. Friendships have been irreparably damaged and families divided over who is better, State or Carolina. Some of the most heated exchanges that I have ever witnessed were centered around sporting events. What I've found is that those who get most angry about sports tend to be those who understand sports and the games just a bit too much.

There are lots of people who get really angry about religious issues. "How dare you try to hide behind God and tell me what I can or cannot do with my body or my relationships!" And then there are those who like to point the fingers of blame at various religions in an attempt to blame them for all of the violence that goes on in the world. What really makes the blood seem to boil is when theological issues within the Christian faith cause controversy and suddenly the lines are drawn between us and them. What I've found is that those who get most angry about religious issues tend to be those who don't understand that their religious opinions are just that - opinions. Truth is what matters.

Jesus never picked a fight or got red-faced angry with another group of people. Sure, He challenged the "religious authorities" of His day but never in a way that was attacking. More often than not, when things got heated it was because the religious leaders tried to pick a fight with Him or back Him into a corner. Jesus did display righteous indignation but it was always justified. In fact, He always understood when it was needed.

We all have opinions and usually what we hold to most strongly is governed by those opinions that serve our own interests the best. Yet when it comes to things of faith - more specifically, issues of the Christian faith - most of those issues have already been decided. We may not always agree on the proper way to interpret some theological minutia, but if we know and follow after Christ then we agree that He is the only One sufficient for the redemption and salvation of mankind.

The next time you find yourself wanting to bicker over politics or sports, let me know so that I can leave the room. But if you are tempted to argue amongst each other about issues of the faith, then ask yourself what is really at stake. If you are about to take the gloves off because of serious heresy that others are using to destroy the kingdom of God, then I will be at your side to defend the truth of our Lord. But if your pride is what's at stake, then count to 10, take a cold shower, and go to your room. Anger that serves your own ego cannot serve the kingdom of God.

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