A few words for this current generation

I realize that by giving a blog post this kind of a title, it makes me sound like an old man. And while I'm really not all that old by today's standards, I do realize just how far a couple of decades have removed me from the twenty-somethings of today. This generation faces most of the same issues, challenges, and problems as I did back in the 1990's, yet they operate under the magnifying glass of technology which serves to amplify even the most trivial of information.

I often freak myself out when I make a comment or give direction to a younger person because I find that I sound more and more like a parent, which is really not a bad thing except for the fact that I realize I am becoming that person whom I often rolled my eyes at once he or she began to speak. Nevertheless, I'm gonna go there.

There is a lot of advice floating around out there, found not just in the sphere of graduation speeches and the like but well beyond them. No one that I know wants this or any generation to fail, but I have to admit that it becomes more and more difficult to address the challenges that they face in a rapidly changing culture. So, what would I say to this current generation of older teens and 20-somethings that's any different than what they are constantly being bombarded with via social media and other outlets? I would start with Psalm 112, which gives us more wisdom than we know what to do with.

This psalm is all about righteousness. For the one who trusts in the Lord, the righteousness of the Lord is his. This is the main point above all others: Trusting in God above yourself, your influences, your culture. Happy is the man who fears the Lord, taking great delights in His commandments. That's the capstone of our satisfaction, knowing God and trusting in Him to guide us. What follows from that is solid advice that guarantees success.

The generation of the upright will be blessed. Do not grow weary of following after God and doing what is right. Serving and following God will not return void. This world isn't gonna be crazy about your love for God and you will be bombarded with a host of other paths to take. They see living for God as outdated and pointless, but that's because they refuse to see who God really is. Seeking after godliness isn't old-fashioned or prudish. The culture may call you out of touch but God calls you righteous.

Light shines in the darkness for the upright. God wants to lead you. Let Him. Everyone is on a quest for truth and most are searching for truth where it cannot be found. Whether you move on to higher education or not, you will be exposed to many alternative methods for determining truth, but in the end you will find yourself swimming in a sea of contradiction. Seeking after God grounds you in His truth and lights your path. You may not have all the answers, but you can see the way to go.

Good will come to a man who lends generously and conducts his business fairly. Give to those in need in spite of how much or little you have. Greed has become a god that never satisfies. Be generous. Establish this at an early age and don't deviate from it. Conduct your business with character and integrity. Those who cut corners and use deception may be successful now, but the righteous "In the end will look in triumph on his foes."

He will not fear bad news; his heart is confident, trusting in the Lord. Refuse to give in to the fears that this world continues to peddle. This doesn't mean that every news outlet is based upon godless information, but our hope is in the Lord, not in what man can do. Is there world conflict and the real threat of terror? Yes! Are these things able to trump the sovereignty of God? Not in a million years! God is our confidence and our strength. Whom shall we fear?

So much advice is out there, especially for young people. Not all of it is bad but most of it is not from God. Give your ears first and foremost to God's words, His very truth to you. You will find that He always has your best interests in mind, unlike the culture which seeks alternate and often incompatible avenues in an effort to define purpose and direction for you. There are many words being spoken. Not all are worth listening to. Listen and follow wisely.

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anonymous said...

I check your blog every day - having just moved our oldest son into his dorm this past weekend - your post hits home for me and my concerns for young people his age. Thank you!!

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