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Sometimes you just gotta write it all down while it's fresh in your head, kind of like a mind vomit that hits the computer keys. Here it is. My apologies to those who involuntarily retch at the mention or thought of vomit.

Passion 2015
I have had the absolute joy of attending the Passion conferences now for several years. What started out as a chaperoned trip of college kids to Atlanta, GA, in 2007 has now turned into a much anticipated yearly event that I hate to miss. Yes, it's geared toward 18-25 year olds, but someone has to take them so why not me, right?

Do you want to know why I believe Passion to be one of the greatest things going out there for this generation? First, it's not really a conference or even a get together - it's a movement. This is why it makes it so hard to describe to people what you experienced once you return home from a Passion event. Nowhere have I seen so many young adults who intentionally gather for the purpose of exalting Jesus as high as they can. Yes, great music comes from Passion conferences and many inspiring speakers are there, but they are merely the catalysts for what God does in the hearts and lives of those in attendance during those few days together.

Another reason I think Passion is so great is because it comes without a gimmick. I do believe there is a theme for each year they hold the event, but it's not pushed on you like some door-to-door salesman trying to sell you a vacuum. The leaders of Passion don't have as their #1 goal some slick slogan or mantra they want you to adopt for your life. Rather, they strive to push you to fulfill the desire for glorifying God that He has already planted in your heart. You leave an event like Passion already knowing what you need to do, but you are now more inspired than ever to get it done. Looks like I'll be booking more tickets for 2016.

I'm someone who does not care much for New Year's resolutions. If you adopt them for yourselves then I think that's awesome and you have my full support, but as for me, it's never been an endeavor that has really born much fruit. Instead, I truly hope that when the need for change confronts me face-to-face, then I will make every effort to move in a different direction from that point forward instead of waiting for some set starting point to begin.

And believe me, I have been faced with a least one area in my life that desperately needs to change, and that is in the arena of prayer. Reading the Bible and other books of personal interest is something that I am pretty good at. I simply love to read. Those of you who know me also know that I love to talk and I'm pretty good at that as well. Probably too good. But when it comes to communicating with God through prayer, I typically suck a lemon on that one.

Maybe it's because I'm slightly ADD (seriously, I do believe that I am), but when it comes to prayer my attention span is about as long as Shaquille O'neal's music career. Lack of focus, a million thoughts assailing my brain, and constant self-imposed distractions are my downfall. So I've decided that some necessary changes are in order and the lengths to which I have gone to enhance my prayer life are radical and outlandish. Do you want to know what I am doing to be more diligent in prayer? I am writing my prayer requests down.

All sarcasm aside, I know that this is not some mind-boggling idea. In fact, many of you have probably had prayer journals where you log all of issues for prayer that God has placed on your heart over the years. Well, I am happy to say that I have now joined your ranks. And do you know what? It's amazing! How cool is it that my attention is now focused more on God now that I have more of a plan of what I desire to bring to Him in prayer? And so far it's working smashingly well.

Prayerlessness is not one of those sins that I want to be found guilty of. How can I neglect this precious time with God, His personal invitation to me (and to you) to commune with Him on an intimate level? Perhaps prayer is like one of those foods like oysters that don't appear appealing on the outside but once you taste it you simply can't get enough. Right now I am signing up for the all-you-can-eat buffet.

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