Pass that red cup over here, please

Much has been said and rehashed in the past week about the whole Starbucks red cup fiasco, and it's my turn to express an opinion or two on the whole debacle. Yes, I think that the guy who makes his name "famous" by ranting and offending people with his "Jesus Christ t-shirt" is a bit off his rocker. Telling the barista that your name is "Merry Christmas" so that she will write it on the cup? Juvenile genius, I guess. And I chuckle at the irony of just how much business he is generating for Starbucks with his crusade against the company all because they won't put reindeer or Christmas trees on their cups this year.

But if I ran into this guy today and had the chance to tell him how I really feel about his stance against the "Starbucks Antichrist" company, here is what I would tell him to his face: Thank you!

Yes, this self-proclaimed advocate for all things Christian has actually done Christianity a favor. He has single-handedly tipped the cup (pardon the pun) so that the rest of the Christian world can see just how ridiculous things have gotten. Over the years there have been many (self) righteous causes that Christian organizations have adopted in an effort to boycott or protest businesses that they deem as unChristian. For their effort, all they have received is scorn and skeptical looks from the masses who might actually need to hear about Jesus' love and sacrifice for them instead of how evil a Disney roller coaster is.

Here is the point: If you need a secular institution or business to promote the name of Jesus for you, then you are failing at the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). I could care less if Starbucks puts a Christmas picture on their cups or if sales clerks tell me "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." Why? Because it is MY call to spread the gospel of Jesus to the world, not theirs.

So the next time you plan to go out for coffee with your offensive Christian t-shirt on and your six-shooter strapped to your hip, pause for moment before walking out the door and ask yourself one very important question: Why am I doing this? Is it because you want to prove a point and stick it to the man in Jesus' name? If that's the case, then have at it. But please know, the rest of the Christian world is getting fed up with these antics. They aren't effective because they don't point people to the truth of Jesus. And if this your true motive, then I have one more suggestion for you: Repent.

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