The five-year vacation

Two days ago marked the beginning of my family vacation. I ain't gonna lie, I don't vacate all that well. It's hard for me to unplug and disconnect. I didn't necessarily advertise to the world that I was going on vacation, so I had my fair share of emails and "important" texts that first day. I did respond, but tried to be brief. By the next day there were only a few communique's, to which I observed but didn't respond. Today...nothing. Except for this blog, which is relaxing for me so it really doesn't count.

Today, this is my office. I sat in a chair and read a book, went for a long swim with my family, and people watched - which is always interesting. I have no idea if I had extra emails or those "important" texts because I never checked while I was out there. I finally feel as if I am on vacation.

I don't write or show you all of this to rub it in your face. And for those of my friends back in Southport and Oak Island, this probably doesn't do much for you since you see a similar view pretty much every day. But I do want to stress just how important it is to unplug and get away, to vacate from the chaos that is everyday life.

When God created the heavens and the earth, he designated the seventh day as a day of rest, which we call the Sabbath. This is a day for God's people to set aside for rest and no work, which for the most part I and most Christians I know are pretty lousy at doing. I realize that Sabbath doesn't necessarily mean vacation in a biblical sense, but it certainly can be just as energizing spiritually as it is physically.

Everyone needs some time to unplug and get away from it all. Whether it's a day trip with family or a  big elaborate vacation, I've never known anyone to regret spending more time with the ones they love. It's been almost 5 years since my family has had a full-blown vacation together and I could not be enjoying this time any more if I tried. Get away. Allow God to nourish your soul. And make memories with those that you love that will never fade away.

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